DPReview.Com & Digital Camera HQ

Before ever buying your first (or not) camera, it is highly advisable to do some research and make comparisons first before coming to a decision. This way, you get to know what camera has the qualities you’re looking for. And this is where quality review sites come in handy.

If you’re someone who knows basically what specifications you’re looking for in a camera, and would want to compare two (or more) of your camera choices, one site I highly recommend is DPReview.com. (snapshot below)

This site features all the latest digital camera reviews and digital imaging news and updates related to digital camera’s and photography. Lively discussion forums are also available for support and interaction between fellow enthusiasts, and it caters the largest database of digital camera specifications in the internet. And of course, some photo galleries.

One thing enthusiasts will love about this site is it’s capability to compare their camera choices side-by-side with each camera’s specifications shown. And this includes logically unbiased and detailed reviews (with ratings) for each camera too. The total camera database site.

But here’s the thing, if at first you really don’t know what camera and which specifications you want, and all you really know is the price range of your budget, you might find this site a bit less that a good siet to start with.

But don’t worry, I’ve got this perfect site just for you (if that’s the case). It’s called Digital Camera HQ. (snapshot below)

This site is a lot less complicated, and is a lot more user friendly specially with beginners, if you ask me. And yes, if you only have your range of price budget to start with, this is perfectly the site for you. This site also features comparisons of digital cameras based on reviews from real users, prices and deals from multiple stores, and price range menu (left side of the site) which allows you to see which camera’s are possible choices in your given budget. You can also base your choice on the number of megapixels (6, 7, etc..) you want your camera to have, or which type of camera (Ultra compact, Point and Shoot, Advanced, Extended Zoom, or SLR/Professional). User friendly right?

So here are the sites I highly recommend, and I hope it will help you choose your cameras… without regrets.