I’m no expert in this field (not even a months experience yet), but I believe that everyone’s got the potential to make great shots… it’s all just a matter of hard work, inspiration, proper information, and a LOT of practice.

With this blog, I aim to provide as much relevant information with regards to digital photography, some camera reviews, tips that may come in handy, and some great photos that will help enthusiasts (pro or beginner) understand more about the art, and hopefully will be more inspired with the art of digital photography.

Some contents in this blog are copied from other resources, and links to their site will be provided for further reference and to give credit to such valuable information provided by others.

Tips, comments, or any relevant information will also be entertained, and posted if necessary so if you have something you want to share (as long as it’s relevant), don’t hesitate to contact me at cocoy000@gmail.com.


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